Barbara Dane in

Jazz & Blues


“Did you get that chick? She’s a gasser!”

--Louis Armstrong, 1958

“Bessie Smith in stereo...”

--Leonard Feather, Playboy Magazine

Barbara Dane, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Memphis Minnie were incredible role models for all of us. They were great women blues players, singers and songwriters that ran their own careers and played [...] guitar.”

                                                                                                   --Bonnie Raitt, 2015

The voice is pure, rich and carries the haunting, dusky legato that still echoes the New Orleans of 40 years ago. It growls through the classic wails of Special Delivery Blues, Mighty Rumbling Blues, St. Louis Blues. In the upper register it is nothing more than a hoarse squeak; but down in the subterranean passages it flows, moans, glides and sighs with a power that has been achieved before—by Bessie Smith, Lizzy Miles—but that is still as rare as a 20-carat diamond. --Time Magazine 1958